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Aesthetics - Skin Care

At JC Plastic Surgery of Atlanta, we understand that patients have varying skin care needs.  We pride ourselves on customizing skin care regimens that are patient specific to address the skin care needs and goals of each individual patient.  We are always cautious in our prescription recommendations, taking into consideration each individual patient’s medical history to ensure there are no interactions with other prescriptions or products.  We tailor our skin care product recommendations to complement other cosmetic procedures the patient has had previously, or plans to have in the future so that our patients have the best results possible.


skin care

The benefits of topical skin care products are numerous.  At JC Plastic Surgery of Atlanta, our professional skin care lines contain potent medical grade ingredients that are backed by clinical studies proving safety and effectiveness. Topical skin care products are important in the prevention of many symptoms of aging and the maintenance of healthy, well-functioning skin. 


Ingredient quality is important in distinguishing effective skin care products from ineffective ones.  Ingredients play distinctly important roles in skin care products.  Some of the most important ingredients to incorporate in an effective skin care regimen include antioxidants, retinol, peptides, and sunscreen.




Sunscreen should be worn daily to prevent harmful UV rays from damaging the skin.  UV damage can cause premature aging of the skin, pre cancer and skin cancer which is why it is so important to get in the habit of applying daily sun protection.  Sunscreens include physical (mineral) and chemical ingredients that provide protection from UV rays.  The ingredient types and blends matter because only certain ingredients or blends of ingredients provide broad spectrum protection (protection from UV-A and UV-B rays).  The concentration or percentage of select ingredients is also important.  At JC Plastic Surgery, all of our sunscreen products have been clinically proven to effectively protect the skin from broad spectrum UV rays, and reduce aging and cancer causing effects of the sun. 



Antioxidants are important in helping to prevent skin cell damage caused by free radicals.  Free radical damage can be caused by several different sources, including ultraviolent light, environmental pollution, stress, and first and/or second hand smoke.  These external and internal elements cause damage to skin cells that can lead to premature aging of the skin.  Antioxidants like Vitamin C, green tea, and caffeine help to fight free radical damage to keep the skin healthy. 



Retinol is form of Vitamin A that is important in regulating cellular turnover, refining skin texture, and building collagen.  Collagen is a structural protein that is responsible for giving the skin youthful volume.  As we age, collagen diminishes, leaving the skin less voluminous.  Retinol is an instrumental medical grade skin care ingredient in that helps with fighting the signs of aging and keeping the skin youthful and healthy. 



Peptides are compounds made up of amino acid chains, and are very beneficial when incorporated into medical grade skin care products.  Peptides help with the collagen synthesis process, stimulate cellular communication to correct age related skin cell damage, and some peptides can even help to reduce muscle movement to help diminish the appearance of fine lines. At JC Plastic Surgery, the peptides found within our professional skin care products are incredibly potent, and have been proven through various clinical studies to aid in the anti aging process. 

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