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Tummy tuck is a wonderful operation that restores the way your waist line looks. It is part of the well known “mommy make-over”. How does this work? There are structures in the front of our belly that can change with pregnancy or weight gain. The muscles that align the middle of the belly can stretch and separate creating a weakness around the belly button. In addition, we can have stretched skin in the lower belly and a not so attractive looking belly button. 


Tummy tuck involves the removal of this excess skin in the lower part of the belly. The separated muscles are brought back together and a internal “corset” is created to strengthen the abdominal wall and recreate the midline. So what do we do with the belly button? We make it more visible, place it back to where it once was and return its attractiveness back.


This surgery is usually combined with a type of breast enhancement and it is known as a the “mommy-make over”. It can be a life changing procedure that involves a moderate period of recovery.  

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Abdominoplasty, or the "Tummy Tuck", is a wonderful procedure that can change the way the whole body looks. If this something you’ve been looking for, call us at 404-312-3878.

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