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Breast reconstruction after mastectomy {removal of breast tissue} can be performed with implants. Often this is done in steps using a device called tissue expander first which allows to create an appropriate pocket. This type of reconstruction involves an average of 2 surgeries.

ln some occasions, the implant can be placed during the first surgery immediately after the mastectomy. This allows the surgeon to use your breast skin and nipples to recreate the breasts and place the implants can be placed all in the same settings. This procedure is called "direct-
to-implant" breast reconstruction (DTl) or "immediate implant" breast reconstruction.


The advantages of the DTI reconstruction is that the postoperative period is shorter and the discomfort is less than the other options for reconstruction. Though you might need a revision
procedure later in time, the majority of the breast reconstruction is completed in l setting.


Patients who are great candidates to do this surgery are: those who can preserve the nipples at the time of the mastectomy; those who are smaller in breast size and do not wish to be larger; those who have healthy skin; and those who do not need radiation treatment after the surgery.

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