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Your lips are a feature that can change the whole look of your face. Though the anatomy of the lip has been well described, everyone's lip has a unique volume and shape. Lip enhancement is not just filling your lips to make them bigger. lt is truly meant to "enhance" your look so they look fabulous with and without lipstick.

You can add volume and change the shape of the lips by using dermal fillers (DF). There is a wide range of DF available in the market. Each filler is used and adjusted to each patient's need.

Everyone's fear regarding lip enhancement is that you would look unnatural and/or have an odd shape. We know this look most commonly as the "duck lip". That is one of the important
reasons why you should pick the right injector to give you the best look and the look that you are looking for. Lip enhancement is my favorite type of injection. The results are truly amazing.


DF vary in texture and in longevity but most last approximately 12 months. Some swelling is expected and usually lasts 72 hours. There can be some bruising at the injection site but there is no expected downtime after the injection.

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