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Breast Augmentation surgery, also known as breast enhancement, enhances breast size and shape and is also used for asymmetrical breasts by insertion of a breast implant. Many women consider breast augmentation surgery to improve their figure and restore volume and lift to their breasts. For breasts that are naturally small or that have lost volume after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss, breast augmentation surgery achieves voluminous breasts with a more aesthetically pleasing shape. 

Breast Lift


Breast Lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, surgically lifts and reshapes breasts, removes excess skin and tightens loose breast tissue to restore a youthful, more attractive breast. In some cases a breast lift can also include placement of a small implant to achieve a more desired, youthful shape. 

Male breast reduction


Male breast enlargement, also known as Gynecomastia is a condition in which male breasts are enlarged. This may be from a hereditary condition, hormonal embalance or excess fat tissue. This surgery is performed through Liposuction procedure or by surgically removing excess tissue, and/or combination of both. It lifts, tightens and restores a more masculine male chest appearance. 


Other Breast Procedures


There are several other breast surgeries that don't fall under a specific category ranging from Breast Implant Exchange, Capsular Contracture, Breast Implant Deflation, Axilary Breast Issue Removal, and Breast Assymetry surgery.  Your consultation with Dr. Jenny Chang will be a detailed one and she will inform you what exactly needs to be done to meet your expectations. 


Breast Reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty is the removal of breast tissue and is designed for women with large, pendulous saggy breasts who experience a variety of medical problems caused by the excessive weight and low center grativy of their breasts. This can range from back and neck pain, shoulder grooves, skin irritation under breasts, postural problems, restrict activities and may cause physical discomfort. Insurance coverage is sometimes available for breast reduction surgery. 


Breast Reconstruction surgery is for women who have undergone some form of breast cancer surgery and need restoration of the breast. Reconstruction can be performed after a mastectomy, which is the removal of one or both breasts, after radiation or chemotherapy and it can be done immediately or in a delayed manner. It is designed to restore a natural, symmetrical appearance and boost self-confidence after losing one, both or part of the breasts. There are several breast reconstruction procedures that we offer, and each will be specific to patient needs and stage of reconstruction. 

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